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Blade Runner: Creating the Universe

Blade Runner is a detective story set in a sprawling megapolis in the year 2019. To construct the proper setting, the filmmakers had to develop a clear, realistic vision of urban life forty years from now. Director Ridley Scott was determined to avoid the pristine, antiseptic future often seen in science fiction films. To help authenticate this picture of the future, the filmmakers enlisted Syd Mead, an internationally eminent industrial designer who is a specialist in picturing the shape of things to come, from skyscrapers and vehicles to parking meters.  According to the introduction, the filmmakers researched principles behind the future of “architecture, transportation, fashion and social behavior” to inform their work.

"Blade Runner’ is not a ‘hardware movie,’" Mead wrote, "It’s not one of those gadget-filled pictures where the actors seem to be there only to give scale to the sets, props and effects."

The entire look of the film was based on research and and carefully thought-out principles regarding the future of architecture, transportation, fashion and social behavior. This artwork represents a behind-the-scene look at the original production designs.

Artwork by Syd Mead, Mentor Huebner, Ridley Scott, Charles Knode, and Michael Caplan.

Source: Blade Runner Sketchbook read it online Here 


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